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About us

Our company, which entered the sector 18 years ago as Uygar Makina, has specialized in construction chemicals production machines and has carried out numerous projects in Turkey and surrounding countries. Our company, under the name Upex Construction Chemicals, has become a reliable solution partner for companies producing adhesives, silicone and mastic.

We can list the main areas of activity of Upex Construction Chemicals as production mixers, filling and packaging machines, plastic packaging and cartridge production. In addition, our company stands out as a comprehensive solution partner in production processes and supplies raw materials and auxiliary chemicals. Upex, which constantly improves in the field of technology, aims to provide the best service to its customers.

Upex produces the raw materials of silicone, mastic, hybrid mastic, polyurethane sealant and other adhesive groups with its own machines and mixers and offers them to the market under the "UPEX" brand and private brands.

Upex Construction Chemicals cooperates with our customers and shares its experiences and continues to support them in the machinery, equipment, chemical raw materials, production techniques and plastic packaging they need.

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