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A silicone-enhanced, acrylic dispersion-based general-purpose mastic with improved mobility and adhesion strength.


Ready-to-use, single-component sealant.
Retains flexibility.
Adheres well to construction materials like concrete, brick, metal, and wood.
Solvent-free and odorless.
Application Areas

Filling cracks and small gaps in structures.
Installation of PVC, wood, and aluminum frames.
At the junctions of construction materials.

500g cartridges x 30 per box
600ml x 20 per box
Technical Data

Chemical structure: Water-based acrylic polymer
Density: 1.62 gr/ml
Application Temperature: Between +5C and +30C
Surface Drying: 20-40 mins
Drying rate: 2mm/day
Volume Loss: 20-22%
Shore A hardness: 45
Mobility: <15%

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