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Gun Foam

At Upex Yapı Kimyasalları, we produce our NS88 product, a high-efficiency polyurethane foam designed for professional users. This product can be easily dosed with an application gun, offering easier and more controlled application.

NS88 offers a safe application by creating low pressure on door frames due to its controlled expansion property. Its high-efficiency structure allows for more door and window installations. Our product reaches cuttable hardness within half an hour, allowing for quick curing.

NS88 can be used in various applications such as filling gaps around door and window frames, filling penetration gaps of pipes for gas, water, electricity, etc., and insulating and sealing holes, cracks, and openings in buildings. It is available in 750 ml x 12 per box.

According to our technical data, our product has a density of 18-20 kg/m3 and a yield of 55-60 liters/1000ml. Its expansion rate is between 50-80%, tack-free time is between 7-10 minutes, and cuttability time is between 25-35 minutes. Our product has a temperature stability range from -50C to 100C.

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