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STPU Hybrid Sealant 40 Shore A

A general-purpose sealant with high durability and elasticity, excellently adhering to almost any surface, based on hybrid polymer technology.


Strongly adheres to various surfaces including concrete, brick, wood, metal, natural stone, ceramics.
Elastic and strong, absorbs vibrations.
Fast curing.
Can be painted over (with water-based paints).
Resistant to weather conditions and UV rays.
Cures without air bubbles.
Free from silicone and isocyanates.
Does not undergo volume loss.
Application Areas

In elastic bonding and sealing applications in both indoor and outdoor areas.
In floor joints.
On wooden decks of ships/boats.
On car/truck bodies (coachwork) and metal surfaces like containers.
In the installation of window sills, skirting boards, and moldings.
In window frame joints.
In prefabricated structures.

290 ml cartridge x 24 per box
600 ml sausage x 20 per box
Technical Data

Density: 1.38 gr/ml
Shore A Hardness: 35-40
Tack-Free Time: 30-40 minutes
Cure Rate: 2-3mm/day
Volume Loss: <5%
Elongation at Break: >360%
Elastic Recovery: >95%
100% Modulus: 0.35 N/mm2
Application Temperature: Between +10C and +40C
Temperature Resistance: -20C to +90C

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