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STPU Hybrid High-Tack Mounting Adhesive

A general-purpose mounting adhesive with high initial grab strength and durability, based on hybrid polymer technology.


High initial grab allows for the adhesion of construction materials without mechanical fixing.
Strongly adheres to various construction materials such as wood, glass, concrete, tiles, brick, plaster, some plastics, and metal.
Its flexibility absorbs vibrations and movements; suitable for movable construction elements.
Can be applied to damp and wet surfaces.
Resistant to weather conditions and moisture.
Application Areas

Installation of skirting boards, door frames, and thresholds, window sills.
Mounting of cornices and curtain rails.
Gluing sinks.
Bonding metal, plastic, wood-like construction accessories.
Installation of sound and thermal insulation boards.
Mirror gluing.

290 ml cartridge x 12 per box

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