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Polyurethane Gun Foam Mega

At Upex Yapı Kimyasalları, we produce our NS72 product, a highly efficient gun foam for filling, insulating, and sealing gaps, cracks, and openings. This product contains up to 65 liters of PU foam.

NS72 strongly adheres to construction materials and exhibits controlled expansion. It also cures very quickly and provides high insulation values. This product is designed for use at temperatures above +5C.

Applications include filling gaps around window frames, insulating and sealing cracks, openings, and joints in structures, and thermal and acoustic insulation. NS72 is available in 850ml x 12 per box.

According to our technical data, our product has a density of 16-18 kg/m3 and a yield of 65 liters/1000ml. Its expansion rate is between 40-70%, tack-free time is between 7-10 minutes, and cuttability time is between 25-35 minutes. The application temperature is between +5C and +30C, and temperature stability ranges from -50C to 100C.

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