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Polyurethane Automotive/Industrial Sealant 50 Shore A

A single-component industrial and automotive sealant with high Shore A value, based on polyurethane.


High hardness and strength.
Permanent elasticity.
Strongly adheres to materials like metal, glass, wood, concrete, brick, tiles without the need for a primer.
Suitable for use indoors and outdoors, resistant to weather conditions.
Application Areas

In automotive bodywork, container, and caravan manufacturing.
In floor joints.
In metal sheet bonding and sealing tasks.
In ventilation ducts and rainwater gutters.
In the elastic bonding of construction materials.

280 ml cartridge x 24 per box
600 ml sausage x 20 per box
Technical Data

Density: 1.35 gr/ml
Shore A Hardness: 45-55
Tack-Free Time: 25-35 minutes
Cure Rate: 3mm/day
Volume Loss: <5%
Elongation at Break: >250%
Elastic Recovery: >90%
100% Modulus: 0.55 N/mm2
Application Temperature: Between +10C and +40C
Temperature Resistance: -20C to +90C

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