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Polyurethane Express Clear Liquid Nails

A fast-drying clear polyurethane mounting adhesive with gap-filling capability.


Gap-filling capability allows for use on uneven surfaces.
Very fast curing; short open time and minimal pressing time.
Skins over in 10 minutes, achieves maximum strength in up to 12 hours.
Resistant to moisture, water, and seawater; classified as D4.
Strongly adheres to nearly all types of wood and to a wide variety of surfaces including metal, tiles, glass, and concrete.
Application Areas

In furniture manufacturing,
In boat and yacht manufacturing.
In the manufacture and assembly of wooden windows and doors.
Bonding wood to metal, glass, tiles, and concrete-like construction materials.
Mounting kitchen and bathroom cabinets on tiles.

280 ml x 12 per box
Technical Data

Chemical Structure: Moisture-curing polyurethane
Appearance: Opaque clear gel
Open Time: 10 mins
Pressing Time: 10-30 mins
Density: 1.15 gr/ml
Solid Content: 100%
Moisture and Water Resistance: D4
Service Temperature: -15C to 80C
Application Temperature: 10-30C

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