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Windshield Adhesive

A neutral structure windshield mounting adhesive that does not require a primer and does not contain isocyanates. It reacts with moisture in the air after application, forming high-modulus silicone rubber within hours.


Provides excellent adhesion on glass, metal, and previous adhesive residues.
Does not require the use of primer and activator.
Environmentally friendly as it does not contain isocyanates and solvents.
Neutral structure, does not cause corrosion.
Very high mechanical properties.
Its consistency is minimally affected by temperature changes; does not require pre-heating.
Excellent sag resistance.
Highly resistant to aging, weather conditions, and UV.
Maintains its mechanical properties and adhesion for many years.
Low-odor curing.
Can be easily cleaned without the need for solvents after application.
Application Areas

Mounting of all types of automotive, truck, bus, and construction machinery glass.

600 ml x 20 per box
Technical Data

Structure: Thixotropic paste
Density: 1.33 gr/ml
Viscosity @25C: 2,500,000 cps
Solid content: 100%
Skin Formation Time @25C: 25 mins
Cure Rate: 3 mm/24 hours
Shore A hardness: 55-60
Tensile Strength: 4 N/mm2
Elongation at Break: 440%
Temperature Resistance: -40C to +120C

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