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Neutral Construction and Building Silicone

Flexible neutral silicone for sealing applications on common construction materials, especially concrete.

Suitable for almost all types of sealing applications in structures.
Provides strong adhesion to most construction materials including concrete, brick, wood, aluminum, and plastics.
Low odor curing.
Does not cause corrosion, acid-free.
Resistant to sudden and high temperature changes.
Application Areas include around door & window frames and in PVC, wood, and aluminum joinery, general sealing applications around concrete, metal, wood, brick, and plastic construction elements, in high buildings at flexing joints.

Packaged in 280 ml x 24 per box. Technical Data include single-component oxime curing, a density of 1.32 gr/lt, tack-free time of 10 minutes, cure rate of 2 mm/day, <12% volume loss, Shore A hardness of 27, elongation at break > 600, elastic recovery >80%, 100% elastic modulus 0.30 N/mm2, temperature resistance from -40C to 150C, and application temperature from 5C to 40C.

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