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Neutral High-Temperature Silicone

A neutral silicone-based liquid gasket that maintains its flexibility up to +300C without causing corrosion.

Neutral silicone, acid-free, suitable for sensitive metals.
Suitable for concrete and brick-like alkaline surfaces.
Resistant to volume loss and cracking between -50C and +300C temperature changes.
Increased oil resistance.
Does not release acid during curing; can be applied to concrete and sensitive metals.
Low odor curing.
Pure silicone, does not contain volatile organic oils.
Application Areas include sealing applications in automobiles, machines, heating systems, industrial ovens, chimneys, etc., exposed to high heat and/or significant temperature changes.

Packaged in 280 ml x 24 per box, 80 ml x 36 per box. Technical Data include single-component oxime curing, a density of 1.05 gr/lt, tack-free time of 10 minutes, cure rate of 3-4 mm/day, Shore A hardness of 22, elongation at break: 390%, movement capability: 15%, service temperature: -40C to +300C, and application surface temperature: +5C to +40C.

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