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Neutral Exterior Silicone

This silicone product is specially designed for use on building exteriors and is weather-resistant. It has a flexible structure and adheres excellently to construction materials like concrete, stone, brick, wood, steel, glass without primer. It is solvent-free, does not undergo volume loss, does not cause corrosion, and does not crack.

Suitable for expansion joints, weather-resistant sealing, bonding, and glass assembly applications. Available in 300 ml x 24 per box or 600ml x 20 per box.
Technical specifications include single-component oxime curing, a density of 1.36 gr/lt, tack-free time of 10 minutes, cure rate of 2-3 mm/day, <5% volume loss, Shore A hardness of 21, elongation at break >700, elastic recovery >85%, 100% elastic modulus 0.38 N/mm2, temperature resistance from -40C to 180C, and application temperature from 5C to 40C.

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