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Neutral Mirror Silicone

This product is a specially designed adhesive for mirror bonding applications. It is based on neutral silicone and strongly adheres to surfaces like glass, wood, metal, and concrete. It does not cause corrosion on mirrors and dries very quickly. Being made of pure silicone, it does not undergo volume loss and functions across a wide temperature range (-40C to +150C). Suitable for sealing and bonding applications on acid-sensitive, alkaline, and metallic surfaces, and around window frames.

Packaged in 280 ml x 24 per box. Cures with a single-component oxime and has a density of 1.03 gr/lt. Tack-free time is 10 minutes, cure rate is 3-4 mm/day, Shore A hardness is 24, elongation at break is 320%, and elastic recovery is >95%. Movement capability is 15%, service temperature is -40C to +180C, and application surface temperature should be between +5C and +40C.

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