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Fast Adhesive MDF Kit

A high-viscosity cyanoacrylate-based adhesive with instant grab capability, activated by aerosol.


Consists of cyanoacrylate adhesive and aerosol accelerator that does not sag on vertical surfaces.
Provides very strong adhesion within 5 seconds.
Suitable for porous surfaces.
Application Areas

Bonding MDF, rubber, leather, and some plastics.
Assembly and repair of wooden parts.
Daily gluing applications requiring quick adhesion.

200ml and 50gr
400ml and 100gr
Technical Data

Chemical content: Cyanoacrylate adhesive and amine accelerator with solvent carrier
Viscosity (25C): 1500 cps
Thermal Stability: -15C to 70C
Density: 1.05 gr/ml
Carrier solvent: Hexane

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