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Shower Cabin Silicone

This product is designed for use on wet surfaces and has enhanced resistance to mold and mildew. Made from 100% acetoxy silicone, it has excellent adhesive properties. Features include no volume loss due to its organic volatile content, strong adhesion to non-porous surfaces like tiles, ceramics, glass, quick curing and waterproofing, and resistance to cleaning agents and chemicals.

Suitable for areas requiring sealing like shower cabins, bathtubs, sinks, etc., high humidity sealing applications, and junctions of tiles in contact with water, plumbing transitions.
Packaged in 280 ml x 24 cartridges per box. Technical data include single-component acetoxy curing, a density of 1.02 gr/lt, tack-free time of 15 minutes, cure rate of 3-4 mm/day, Shore A hardness of 21, elongation at break of 370%, elastic recovery of >95%, movement capability of 20%, service temperature of -40C to +180C, and application surface temperature of +5C to +40C.

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