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Acetoxy High-Temperature Silicone

This acetoxy silicone is formulated for sealing and bonding applications resistant up to 300C.

Resistant to volume loss and cracking between -50C and +300C temperature changes.
Pure silicone, does not contain volatile organic oils.
Application Areas include sealing applications in automobiles, machines, heating systems, industrial ovens, chimneys, etc., exposed to high heat and/or significant temperature changes.
Packaging: 280 ml x 24 per box, 50 ml x 36 per box
Technical Data:
Curing: Single-component acetoxy
Density: 1.03 gr/lt
Tack-Free Time: 15 minutes
Cure Rate: 3-4 mm/day
Shore A Hardness: 24
Elongation at Break: 320%
Movement Capability: 10%
Service Temperature: -40C to +300C
Application Surface Temperature: +5C to +40C

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