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Aquarium Silicone

This product is a silicone adhesive specially formulated for aquarium assembly and sealing works on glass surfaces. Its features include:

100% silicone, solvent-free, does not undergo volume loss.
Adheres excellently to glass surfaces and does not contain chemicals harmful to aquarium life.
Cures quickly, becoming waterproof within hours after application.
High mechanical strength.
Applications include aquarium manufacturing, bonding glass materials, and glass showcase assembly. It is packaged in 280 ml x 24 per box. Technical data are as follows:
Curing: Single-component acetoxy
Density: 1.02 gr/lt
Tack-Free Time: 10 minutes
Cure Rate: 3-4 mm/day
Shore A Hardness: 25
Elongation at Break: 320%
Elastic Recovery: >95%
Movement Capability: 15%
Service Temperature: -40°C to +180°C
Application Surface Temperature: +5°C to +40°C

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