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Transparent Express Marine Glue

A fast-drying, low-viscosity liquid, transparent polyurethane adhesive.


Very short open time and pressing time.
Clear, light yellow appearance.
Strongly adheres to various construction materials including wood, concrete, metal, polyurethane and polystyrene foam, natural stone, MDF, ceramics, glass, and PVC.
Fluid, low viscosity.
Expansion and gap-filling capability.
Resistant to moisture, heat, and water.
Application Areas

Bonding nearly all types of wood to each other; to metal; to some plastics; to stone, brick, and concrete.
Bonding wooden construction elements and repairs.
In furniture production and repairs.

500 gr x 20 per box
Technical Data

Viscosity (20C): 3000-4000 cps
Density: 1.10 gr/ml
Open Time: 10-15 mins
Pressing Time (20C): 2 hours
Solid Content: 100%
Appearance: Light yellow, transparent
Service Temperature: -15C to 100C
Application Temperature: 10 to 30C

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