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UMP 2000 Liter Silicone Filling Press

Upex Yapı Kimyasalları produces impressive hydraulic presses ranging from 200 to 2000 liters capacity. Thanks to our original designs, we guarantee the highest performance and continuity with the lowest energy consumption. Hydraulic presses are used in the transfer and transmission processes of raw materials to filling machines. We achieve the best performance in hydraulics by adopting ideal design standards.

Our hydraulic presses are specially designed for the transfer of high and very high viscosity products to filling machines. Our application areas include silicones, mastics, hybrid mastics, polyurethane mastics, and similar products. Be ready for a continuous and impressive raw material transfer experience with Upex Yapı Kimyasalları. Our high-performance hydraulic presses are designed to achieve the best transfer results, thus enabling you to reach excellence in your production processes. Meet Upex hydraulic presses for a remarkable and smooth transfer process.

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