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UMM 2000 Liter Silicone Mixer

Upex Yapı Kimyasalları masters the entire processes of high and highly viscous products, achieving the most effective applications. To obtain excellent efficiency, extensive knowledge of chemical raw material production is required in the use of mixers. We transfer this experience and knowledge to our mixers, ensuring top-level performance with the lowest energy consumption.

For Upex, as with all our productions, mixers are of utmost importance. A quality mixer is essential for producing impressive and high-performance construction chemicals. Therefore, we offer you the most suitable and remarkable mixers. With Upex Yapı Kimyasalları, you can confidently enjoy high-performance products.

The mixers we design, like our other products, are manufactured with 100% Upex patented designs and guarantee the production of high-performance products such as silicones and mastics. Thanks to this special design, we offer our customers only the best quality and durable products.

Upex's innovative and patented mixers provide performance and efficiency that exceed industry standards, making a difference in the construction chemicals sector. Choose to work with Upex mixers to enhance the strength and success of your business, ensuring reliable and impressive results at all times.

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