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UMM 1000 Liter Silicone Mixer

The UMM 1000 Liter Silicone Mixer is designed for the manufacturing of construction chemical adhesives and insulation products. This mixer can be used to produce acrylic mastics, silicones, polyurethane mastics, hybrid mastics, assembly adhesives, and high-tack derivative products, allowing for large-scale production with its 1000-liter capacity.

The mixer's PLC control enhances operational ease and production speed, ensuring quality. Features like vacuum, heat, weight, and automatic raw material inputs automate production processes.

The UMM 1000 Liter Silicone Mixer is capable of producing acrylic mastic, silicone, polyurethane mastic, hybrid mastic, assembly adhesive, high-tack groups, and chemical anchor raw materials.

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