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UMC-A Automatic Cartridge Boxing Machine

The UMCA Automatic Cartridge Boxing Machine is a system that operates in harmony with the UMC 90 Cartridge Filling Machine. Thanks to this unique integration, it can respond quickly and efficiently to the demands of the industry. The UMCA Automatic Cartridge Boxing Machine is equipped with a sophisticated PLC-HMI system and a servo-controlled 2-axis computer control system, offering high precision. During the boxing process, the machine can standardly prepare boxes with capacities of 12, 16, 20, 24, 25, and 30 cartridges. This feature allows users to easily adapt to different needs and optimize their production processes. Not only with its performance, but the UMCA Automatic Cartridge Boxing Machine also stands out with its reliable and durable structure. This ensures a continuous and trouble-free production process for users, while also increasing the efficiency and profitability of businesses.

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