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UMC 90 Silicone Cartridge Filling Machine

Upex Yapı Kimyasalları is a leader in the packaging filling processes of high and very high viscosity products. With its experience and innovative designs, it effectively manages the filling and packaging processes of such products. Filling processes are carried out using both vertical and horizontal methods. In vertical filling, plastic and metal cartridges, plastic buckets, tin cans, and plastic and metal barrels are used, while in horizontal filling, sausage packaging is preferred. The filling processes of silicone, mastic, and similar products require a flawless and error-free process. Therefore, Upex Yapı Kimyasalları responds to the industry's needs with high-precision and effective machine designs. With a continuous improvement and innovation philosophy, Upex Yapı Kimyasalları offers lasting and impressive solutions to customers, aiming to provide a smoother, more remarkable, and satisfying service experience.

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